The Vectra non-destructive measurement vehicles to control and measure the bearing capacity and the deflection of roads, bridges, runways, taxiways and highways.

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Falling weight deflectometer

The HWD/FWD is a device for determining the bearing capacity of pavement. It is composed of a falling weight that generates an impulse loading on the pavement surface by means of a rigid plate and a damping system.

The deflections generated are measured by means of geophones placed under and around the plate.

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Lacroix deflectograph

The Lacroix Deflectograph is a pavement condition survey vehicle that is used for the following applications:

  • Measures the deflection basin of a pavement under the action of a moving heavy goods vehicle at constant speed.
  • It allows the application of the different operating modes of IFSTTAR method n°39 of surface deformability measures.

It is used for:

  • Monitoring a road network
  • Detectng defective areas to be reinforced
  • Checking construction sites
  • Winter monitoring (installation or removal of weight limits during thaw conditions).
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