The Vectra non-destructive measurement equipment to measure different pavement characteristic (evenness, geometry, skid resistance, etc.)

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Modular high-performance condition survey system

The ASTRA is a multifunctional device that allows in a single pass to acquire all the data or measurements necessary to evaluate or issue a road diagnosis.

This modular, high-performance condition survey system meets the needs of road network managers by offering them a tool for easy laying.

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Assisting in the management, evaluation and preservation of the road network

Our multifunctionals are multifunctional vehicles used for the following applications:

  • Measures concrete and metal guardrail heights
  • Measures free heights under structures
  • Measures superelevation of a formation level and of each lane

SYMAN is a multifunctional device designed and manufactured according to the requirements and needs of road and motorway managers.

SYMAN (SYstème Multifonction d’ANalyse) is a device capable of acquiring in a single pass all the data at the speed of traffic (road and motorway).

This device is equipped with a LIDAR (Lighthouse Detection And Ranging) function that allows the detection and measurement of objects near the pavement or the pavement itself continuously in the traffic flow.

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Unibox V


Portable longitudinal profile analysis

The UNIBOX-V is a simple, compact and inexpensive system capable of characterizing the longitudinal profile of a road infrastructure. It is used for the following applications:

  • Measurement of the International Roughness Index
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