New generation wheel tracker with automatic measurement

NF EN 12 697-22


The new generation wheel tracker with automatic measurement, co-developed laboratory equipment mlpc which meets the criteria of standard NF EN 12 697-22 is used for the following applications:

  • Study the rutting ability of hydrocarbon materials intended for wearing courses or base courses.
  • Study the development of the texture under traffic.
  • Also study normal or anti-skid surface dressings. In this case, the wheel can be made to skid sideways to increase the stripping effects.
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The continuous rotational movement of a geared motor unit is converted into a reciprocating movement by an oscillating bearing supporting a telescopic arm. This arm transmits its movement to a carriage moving on two rails attached to a streamlined frame. The carriage simulates the action of a vehicle axle. It carries two wheels, each mounted on a spindle articulated on a pivot. The mean plane of each wheel passes through the longitudinal axis of the specimen at zero orientation of its pivot. The pressure action of each tyre on the material is obtained by the loading of a cylinder acting on the support of the specimen guided on the frame. A heating system with air circulation and regulator keeps the temperature constant during the test.

  • Adjustable pneumatic stroke: 360 – 410 (default) – 450 – 500 mm ;
  • Motion frequency: 1 +/- 0.1 Hz
  • Maximum applied force: 5.5 kN
  • Specimen dimensions (L x W): 500 x 180 mm2
  • Specimen thickness: 20 to 140 mm
  • Adjustable temperature : 35 to 80° C
  • Net dimensions (L x W x H): 173 x 155 x 200 cm3
  • Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 209 x 235 x 246 cm3
  • Net floor area: 2.7 m²
  • Overall floor area: 4.9 m²
  • Minimum working space: (0.8 to 1.0m on 3 sides) 14.6 to 17.8 m²
  • Weight Approx. 1,200 kg
  • Power : 6 kW – Nominal pressure 7 bar
  • Energy: 8 NL/min control process – 300 NL/min at peak
  • Power supply: 400 V three-phase
  • Maximum tire pressure: 700 kPa
  • Languages: French and English

The same highlights as the next–generation wheel tracker:

  • “Search mode” for tests up to 80°C.
  • Heating up to 60°C in 4 hours.
  • Reduced measurement time → easier measurements thanks to the translation of the specimens.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the disassembly/reassembly of the signs in less than 2 minutes.
  • Optimal visibility of the test through the large Plexiglas windows and the lighting of the chamber.
  • Programmable heating (the day before for the next day for example).
  • Improved temperature uniformity within the crankcase.
  • Indicator light to monitor the status of the test (OK/Waiting/Breakdown).

New highlights:

  • A new human machine interface.
  • Time saving thanks to automatic measurement.

For more information, watch the video:

Download the new wheel tracker datasheet in PDF format

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