Wheel Tracker Large Device with automatic measurement


logo-mlpc NF EN 12 697-22 (Large Device)


Test methods for determining the susceptibility of bituminous materials to deform under load.
Level 2 of the French Mix Design procedure.


MTQ LC 26-410
Device qualified mlpc®
CSA qualification
NF P98-253-1


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Reference laboratory equipment designed to study the rutting of asphalt mixes under conditions comparable to the stresses on pavements under traffic, according to standard EN 12697-22.
Two asphalt specimens are simultaneously subjected to repeated passages of a wheel equipped with a tire, under a certain load and under controlled temperature.
The tire load is focused to the maximum, since the wheel always passes through the same place. It is possible to integrate or not to the wheel an angle allowing to introduce a lateral skidding effect.
Many units of Orniéreur mlpc® have been widely distributed throughout the world, it is an essential tool for the asphalt mix design. The latest generation allows you to go further: higher temperature rise, new body, control and ergonomics redesigned for the needs of today’s laboratories.


Automatic measurement
→ At each level, without human intervention and in accordance with the standard.
→ The chain of the different measurement steps without waiting, with greater repeatability of the measurement point positioning.


Optimized operator time
→ With automatic measurement, no more need to monitor and intervene at each measurement level. Focus on the essentials !
→ Can be paused at any time.


User comfort
→ Optimized interface: large touch screen, numerous connectivities.
→ Ergonomic access: sliding doors, high access, simplified sample transfer.
→ Reduced operating noise.
→ Optimal visibility while testing.
→ Three-color-light system follow-up.


→ Developed to carry out the normative test.
→ Possibility of research-type tests thanks to the many parameters included (temperature up to 80 °C, number of measurement levels, position of the measurement points, modification of the thresholds, etc.).


Energy efficiency
→ A body with its reinforced insulation, which limits the heating cycles for the rise of temperature, but also to maintain it throughout the test.
→ The opening of the doors during the test is avoided thanks to the automatic measurement.


Monitoring of test parameters
→ The system monitors the elements that can impact the results (pressure, temperatures, punctures, test of the measurement system, possible faults, etc.) throughout the duration of the test.


→ Units of this traffic simulator that exceed life cycles of over 20 years life spans.


Ease of maintenance
→ Thanks to the bodying with removable panels, which can be partially or completely dismantled.

Overall dimension and mass

Length1,77 m
Width1,55 m
Height 2.00 m
Mass1250 kg
HandlingForklift and integrated caster system.


Alimentation électrique

Alimentation Triphasé 400 V 50Hz ou 60Hz – 16A
Puissance installée 6 kW


Chauffage électrique

Alimentation Triphasé 400V 50Hz
Puissance 3 kW
Température d’essai Ambiante à 80°C
Temps de mise en température ~4h à 60°C – programmable
Suivi de température 4 sondes, enrobé et air pour chaque éprouvette


Translation du chariot



3 kW


Fréquence nominale 1Hz


Alimentation pneumatique

Pression nominale 0,7 Mpa (7 Bar)
Pression maximale 1 Mpa (10 Bar)
Débit 8 Nl/min en continu (tables en charge, système en régulation)

300 Nl/min en pointe

Charge maximale 5.5 kN



Langues Français / Anglais
Interface Tactile Graphique Intégré
Chargement des éprouvettes Facilité par la translation
Mesure de l’ornière 15 points : Automatique à l’aide de 3 capteurs pour chaque éprouvette


This Wheel Tracker large device enables to test 2 samples in simultaneous and includes:

  • 2 full assembled wheels
  • 2 bottom plates for samples
  • 2 temperature sensors to control the air near the samples
  • 2 temperature sensors to control and regulate the two samples
  • Inflation system enables to control and adjust the tyre pressure
  • Control system for the autonomous test
  • Three-color indicator light, visible from a distance, which indicates the device status
  • Large touch sensing device connected to a computer (Windows 10 or later), used as interface to the machine
  • Wifi network, usb connectivity
  • Automated system to measure rutting
  • Metrology: compliance test report
  • User manual, electric and pneumatic plans

147A1-100.2 : Aluminium sample frame 500×180 mm h=100 mm
147A1-50.2 : Aluminium sample frame 500×180 mm h=50 mm
77C-4.1 : Sample bottom plate
104769 : Manual lift table
108034 : Electric lift table
107861 : Air temperature sensor
107944 : Asphalt mix temperature sensor
107902 : Rutting measurement system for the automated system
77D1-60 : Manual rutting measurement kit with gauge
77V0015 : Full assembled wheel
77V0014 : Rim
103914 : Protection flap
105392 : Inner tube
100856 : Valve extension
100634 : Tire

Metrology accessories on request.

For more information, you can watch the video :

Download in PDF format the Orniéreur datasheet

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