🛣 Are your roads slippery? 🛣

The ability of a pavement to generate friction forces between the tire and the road during driving situations such as acceleration, braking or cornering is called: grip. This is essential to maintain the desired trajectory and facilitate maneuvers, especially in turns. Adhesion defects contribute to accidents when braking and transverse acceleration loads are abnormally high.

📌 About ¼ of the accidents take place on a road whose adhesion is deteriorated by climatic conditions.

The safety problems related to the adhesion of coatings therefore deserve to be adequately taken into account in the safety studies prior to intervention on the infrastructure!

🔍 But how do you know if your roads are safe and offer optimal grip?

🌟 The solution is our SCRIM 3! Thanks to our device, we can control the grip of roads accurately, quickly and reliably. Our advanced technology ensures safer roads for all users.

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