NextRoad is an independant engineering company specialized in infrastructures.

We operate in both construction and operation phases, providing services such as auditing, consulting, programming, monitoring, data management, and technologies aimed at enhancing the sustainability of these infrastructures.






Our value proposition

Assisting infrastructure managers in the construction and operation of a safer and more sustainable asset base.

Assist them in the selection and implementation of the most relevant technologies.

Ensure, thanks to the expertise and independence of our teams, a high quality of expertise to benefit the common good.


Your infrastructures represent a considerable financial asset and provide valuable services to society (human interactions, moblity, economic development, standard of living, etc.).

As a manager of infrastructure, your challenge is to establish an organized approach to sustainably manage the technical, environmental, and budgetary constraints that you face, ensuring (at the very least) the achievement of the expected lifespan of your infrastructure.

By doing so, your infrastructures will be in a better condition, your maintenance budget will be reduced and CO2 emission ( which come from the modernization and maintenance works) will be decreasing.

NextRoad assists you in this approach, in France and worldwide.

With over 30 years of experience, leader in our fields, we offer an unrivaled breadth of expertise.

We invest, on our own or with partners, in technological development which ensure the sustainability of infrastructures; e.g. in those which enable the collection and processing of a qualified database of your heritage (infrastructure condition, traffic density, etc.)

Our team skills are based on the knowledge of the field, works and materials.

Finally, we are independant from work companies, which guarantee you the reliability of our recommendations and the search for your only interest.

For further information: Our White Paper “Routes et Ponts de France: Preservons notre bien commun!”, published in March 2023.

For every €1 spent on specialized engineering, it translates to €10 saved in maintenance works in the long term.


We are organized around 2 divisions:

Our employees share together the same common value and business project.

The Executive Board

Hervé de CHILLAZ, 

CEO of the Group

François RICARD

Chief Financial Officer

Jean-Pierre BRIQUET 

Director of the Road & Structure division

Mélissa AMY

HR Manager


Only in France, the production and the construction of the bituminous materials produce several million tons of CO2 emissions a year.

NextRoad, thanks to its advices, its services and its technologies, whose the purpose is to improve the infrastructure sustainability and thus reduce work needs, enable to reduce the CO2 emissions in France by several hundred thousand tons a year.

We train and raise awareness for our teams to the environmental impact of our activities on the environment.

We recruit 20 person a year. We are proud to have 33% women present in our Group, which is 3 times more than the area average.


200+ employees

15+ sites in France and 1 in Tunisia

10 persons dedicated to innovation and R&D

20 recruitment a year

300+ clients

100% independant expert

25% decrease in CO2 emissions