Following a recent inspection mission for the Highways of Morocco (ADM), NextRoad is back in Moroccan territory and made a stop in Casablanca on December 20, 2023, to conduct, in collaboration with ADM teams, a conference on road pavement inspection. 🚧

The conference took place at the Hassania School of Engineers (EHTP) where our experts were able to share their knowledge and expertise in road asset inspection and maintenance with students. 🎓

🎯 The objective? To convey the importance and objectives of road pavement inspection.

For the periodic maintenance needs of a road or highway network, regular assessment of the pavement condition is necessary. 🔍

The results of this assessment will serve as inputs for strengthening studies aimed at defining treatment solutions to maintain the network in good condition and maximize its lifespan. ✅

Before conducting an assessment campaign, it is important to collect and analyze the historical data of the network. Thus, the diagnosis made on the pavement will be as comprehensive and precise as possible.

Thanks to our teams for this valuable knowledge sharing 👏

Hassania School of Public Works (EHTP), Official Website Ahmed SAKHI, MOUTI Rachid, Mohammed Taha Bensaid, Abdeslam El Moukni, Slimane SALMI