Our Centre-East agency (Dijon) successfully completed a mission for hashtag#Bouygues, involving the inspection and approval of a technical embankment for a hashtag#SNCF structure.

The tests included bearing capacity control, verification of compaction quality with a penetrometer, as well as plate load tests and compaction quality tests with a Troxler device. These steps are crucial to ensure the strength and durability of the infrastructure.

📍 Located on the Route Centre Europe Atlantique (RCEA), partially within the departments of Allier and Saône-et-Loire, this mission was conducted over a period of 4 days. The RCEA is part of a larger road network, connecting the Atlantic coast and the Iberian Peninsula via Limoges and Bordeaux on one side, and Switzerland and Italy via the existing road network on the other.

At NextRoad, we take pride in contributing to the quality and safety of our infrastructures. External work inspection is essential to ensure maximum lifespan for infrastructures 🏗️👷‍♂️

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