We are thrilled to share with you our recent collaboration with the CD 71 for the comprehensive survey of the green and blue cycling paths in the department, covering a total distance of 280 km!

By having an accurate understanding of the condition of its cycling paths, the department will be able to define a targeted and effective maintenance strategy! 🎯

By offering cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts safe and enjoyable spaces, these paths contribute to the creation of healthy and sustainable communities. 🌱🌍

We would like to warmly thank Mr. Aurélien Voiret and his entire team for their support and cooperation throughout this project. Their commitment to improving cycling infrastructure in the department has been remarkable, and we are honored to have been able to contribute to this effort. 👏

If you have any questions about our NextBike and its unique capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact Angélique PION. She will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information. 📞📧

Together, let’s continue to promote innovative and sustainable solutions to encourage soft mobility and the preservation of our environment. 🌱🚴‍♀️🌍













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