🚧 The #JT at 8 PM on TF1 highlights a critical issue: according to the March 2022 report by the Cour des Comptes, more than half of the French roads need maintenance. The statements of the General Secretary of Force Ouvrière of the Federation of Equipment, Transport, and Services emphasize the lack of personnel to carry out this work.

👷 The lack of personnel and budget can be real challenges, but at NextRoad, we firmly believe that the key to ensuring the safety and durability of our road infrastructures is to deploy a preventive maintenance approach everywhere.

💼 Rather than waiting for the roads to deteriorate before intervening, regular and preventive maintenance has two virtues: prolonging the lifespan of roads and easing the pressure on budgets and personnel. Adopting a preventive approach means avoiding spending exorbitant amounts a few years later.

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