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[NEWS] – A new NextRoad service: Data Expertise

In terms of managing and maintaining road assets, data mastery is a key performance factor. Once collected and organized, this massive, multi-source data (inspection reports, work logs, visual surveys, accident-prone areas, etc.) becomes a powerful tool to:

  • Better understand the evolution of the condition of your assets
  • Make the right maintenance decisions at the right time
  • Increase operational efficiency

🤔 Why create this service now?

Over the past three years, a team of NextRoad data engineers developed #MAORIE, a SAAS-based road asset management platform, which is now being deployed. This team was approached by managers seeking a more efficient, simplified, and automated use of their databases. Mastering both data management techniques and road operations, NextRoad decided to launch the “data expertise” service.

📊 What services does this new service offer?

An expert and agile service, it offers customized services to help managers make the most of their data 🌐💻💡


  • Providing a customized asset management platform (MAORIE).
  • Personalized and geolocated field surveys via a mobile application: Our service goes beyond traditional data collection by enabling field surveys through a dedicated mobile app. The collected information is transmitted in real-time to our MAORIE platform, allowing immediate visual representation. This ensures maximum responsiveness in strategic decision-making, such as forecasting work from one year to the next…
  • Data cross-referencing: creating statistics (network evolution from year to year), updating data after work, etc.
  • Data transformation: adapting data to a specific format to harmonize internal processes.
  • Application of matrices: specific indicators for network management needs (ISTRU / IQOA / RATING…).
  • Synthetic data visualization: using visualization tools for quick decision-making among a multitude of data.
  • Image processing solutions and AI usage

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