[MISSION] – NextRoad is operating on the A6 (PR116 to PR138) 🛣️🔎

In the Yonne department, on the A6 highway, specifically in the Joigny area, our Centre-East agency has performed several services for APRR: ⬇

1️⃣ Monitoring the implementation of BAC (Continuous Reinforced Concrete) repairs

Technical validation of BAC repair zones (validation of areas to be repaired and techniques to be used – major repairs or micro-concrete).

2️⃣ Monitoring the preparation of the support

Control of the concrete implementation (air content, slump test with Abrams cone, and compressive strength),
Monitoring the preparation of the support for asphalt implementation (validation of the milling base and bonding layers).

3️⃣ Monitoring the implementation of asphalt

Control of the components used in asphalt formulations,
Control of the manufacturing and implementation of various asphalt layers (density, PMT, thickness, adhesion, longitudinal evenness),
Technical support for various non-conformities identified during implementation and reception.

Thanks to our on-site teams who meticulously ensure the smooth progress of activities 🙌

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