NF 98 218-3 ISO 8608 EN 13036-6 :2008


Continuous measure of the longitudinal evenness

The APL, an mlpc vehicle which meets the criteria of the NF 98 218-3, ISO 8608 and EN 13036-6:2008 standards, is used for the following applications:

  • The APL -profilometer- system allows the continuous measure of the longitudinal evenness of road carriageways and aeronautical runways and, more generally, of any lane used by motor vehicles, whatever the structure of the carriageway and the nature of its overlaying.
  • The measure is based on a survey of the longitudinal profile of the pavement, in one or two traces: the analysis of this profile makes it possible to deduce the evenness characteristics of the pavement surface.
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The profile survey sensor is a light trailer type unicycle device consisting of:

  • A non-suspended wheel-carrying arm made of light alloy, in which the pendular system for measuring the amplitudes of the profile variations and the sensor for locating their positions are installed,
  • A welded tubular chassis, weighted, suspended by a spring-damper device dimensioned to guarantee a constant response of the whole over the bandwidth of the device. It is equipped with traffic signing devices in accordance with the applicable rules in force. The electronic computer modulus, installed in the towing vehicle, is a unit equipped with a microcomputer and all the electronic elements necessary for signal processing and acquisition.
  • The light cycle type wheel whose circularity and balance are meticulously checked. The operator station is equipped with a flat touch screen and a keyboard-mouse. The driver has a specific display.

Metrological specifications

  • Vertical amplitude: ± 80 mm, resolution ≤ 0.1 mm
  • Horizontal distance: resolution < 0.05 m, accuracy ≤ 0.1%
  • Frequency bandwidth: 0.4 Hz – 30 Hz
  • Measuring speed: from a few km/h to 144 km/h
  • No longitudinal acquisition: <0.05 m
  • Independent of weather and road conditions
  • Multi–indices: almost all evenness indicators can be calculated (IRI, NBO, etc.)
  • Use of measurements in the vehicle or in the laboratory, varied presentation of results: profile graph, tables of indicator values, route diagrams, etc.
  • Portability of elevation values, profiles and evenness indicators in text format to any data base.

Dimensional specifications Trailer:

  • Dimensions: L = 2.30 m; W = 0.55 m; H = 1.22 m (including traffic signage)
  • Weight: 120 kg

Download the APL datasheet in PDF format

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