ECODYN 3 – Daytime and night visibility of road markings

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Continuous and dynamic measurement of road marking performance (Retroreflection – RL).


Device qualified mlpc®


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The first mobile retro-reflectometer capable of measuring two lines simultaneously at traffic speed. Road markings guide and secure road users, especially at night. Subjected to traffic and climate, markings become less visible. In order to maintain an accessible and legible road for drivers and vehicle assistance systems, road managers must ensure that road markings are regularly maintained.

Ecodyn 3 allows to evaluate objectively and accurately the quality of longitudinal road markings (center lines, edge lines), according to the EN 1436 standard. It is capable of measuring (by day or night) the night visibility of road markings (retro-reflection RL). It thus provides the necessary information to program preventive renewal campaigns, to control the quality of the implementation of marking products and to follow their evolution over time.

ECODYN, the first device capable of measuring dynamically the retro-reflection of markings, has been widely distributed throughout the world. ECODYN was the successor of the ECOLUX, the first portable reflectometer capable of measuring the retro-reflection of markings in static.

In keeping with this heritage of technical excellence and innovation, the third generation ECODYN 3 is the first in the world to offer LED lighting technologies and to allow the simultaneous measurement of two marking lines (axis + edges).

→ The device is more compact than previous generations. The measuring width for easy driving in single or dual band operation.
→ The measurement is continuous and can be carried out from 0 to 130Km/h without data loss.


→ Data acquisition carried out at traffic speed using one or two simultaneous heads: halves the costs of personnel, fuel and vehicle use compared to other lateral systems.
→ Simplified human-machine interface with event keyboard to lighten the workload of the device operator.


Metrological quality
→ mlpc® qualification: developed in partnership with the UGE (formerly LCPC) and CEREMA,
ECODYN 3 has been metrologically qualified, which attests to its compliance with the requirements of standard EN 1436.
→ Integrated architecture of the measuring head (LED, optical fibres, filtering, detection, digital electronics, computer network…) facilitating the metrological integrity of the data
→ For each device, the national verification centre ensures an accurate and connected calibration.


→ LED technology significantly reducing power constraints and increasing measurement stability.
→ Vehicle integration (anchoring, connectivity) maximising operational reliability.


StandardEN 1436 (geometry: 30 metres)
Number of measuring heads
1 to 2 heads

Number of markings measured at the same time


up to two markings, four lines (two left, two right)
continuous at more than 130 Km/h


Metrological features

Lighting angle

Viewing angle


Average distance
of illumination
6 m
Surveyed area
1 m x 40 cm per head



Mechanical/electrical features

Carrier vehicleType of van, estate, utility or SUV (consult us)
Measuring cabinetL = 0,55 m ; l = 0,16 m ;
h = 0,28 m
Power supply
12V vehicle battery
Light source
Diodes LED
Light-emitting diodes, life span
life: approx. 50,000 h



Software for acquisition and processing

Survey campaign management
– By route/section/marking
– By progress status
– By distance travelled
Procurement management
Selection of country roads, selection of markings
Treatment management
Measurement report management, parameterisation and export to Excel or PDF

The basic system includes :

  • A stand-alone measuring head, measuring the quality of the marking and also integrating temperature and humidity measurement and GPS positioning.
  • A connection rack
  • An odometer for synchronisation and distance measurement
  • A cell for measuring the ambient brightness
  • A bar graph unit for driving assistance
  • An environmental camera HD
  • An accessory case containing tools, spare sightglasses and reference plates for checking the instrument,
  • Equipment transport case
  • Mechanical elements for integration into the vehicle.


  • A second measuring head
  • An auxiliary GPS with or without inertial system
  • Spare cables

Download the ECODYN 3 datasheet in PDF format