Fatigue machine – M2F

EN 12697-24 Annex A 09 2007 EN 12697 26 Annex A


The fatigue machine – M2F, is a co-developed mlpc laboratory device which meets the criteria of the NF P 12 697-22 standard. It is used for the following applications:

  • To carry out fatigue resistance tests on 2 trapezoidal specimens of bituminous materials.
  • To measure the complex modulus on 2 trapezoidal specimens of bituminous materials, using a precise enclosure (isothermal).
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Fatigue resistance test:

Bracketed specimens embedded at their bases are subjected to a sinusoidal displacement of constant amplitude in a temperature controlled environment. The reaction force decreases during the test and the arbitrary criteria for specimen failure is half the initial force. This test is repeated for three levels of displacement. Thus, by performing a linear regression on the individual results, the equation for the fatigue line is obtained, which allows the calculation of the deformation to be applied to the materials to achieve a life of 106 cycles (ε6). The temperature remains constant for the duration of the test.

Complex modulus test:

The exciter imposes a sinusoidal force on the head of the test piece causing a displacement. The displacement as well as the force at the head of the specimen are measured, thus making it possible to calculate from the characteristics of the specimens, the maximum stress and deformation values necessary for the determination of the complex modulus. These measures are made in the “Linear” domain of the materials, so that the modulus is independent of the applied deformation. The temperature remains constant for the duration of the test.

The M2F software allows the fast and automatic calculation of the equation of the fatigue line and the determination of the allowable deformation. A test result report is issued by the software.

The system is equipped with an in–service control device and a calibration mode to facilitate metrological work.

Optional supply of the climatic chamber that meets the specifications of both standards.

  • Loading frequency: 40 to 3 Hz
  • Number of measuring stations: 2
  • Displacement range: up to 2 mm (peak–to–peak)
  • Size of the specimens: according to standard NF EN 12697–24
  • Frame dimensions: W = 770 mm, D = 440 mm, H = 960 mm
  • Weight of the frame: 200 kg

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Download the M2F datasheet in PDF format

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