Plate roller – BBPAC

NF EN 12697-33 


The Plate Compactor – BBPAC, is a co-developed mlpc laboratory device which meets the criteria of the NF EN 12697-33 standard of (09/2007). It is used for the following applications:

The preparation of homogeneous slabs of bituminous mixtures usable:

  • Directly for rutting tests.
  • After sawing or core sampling for tests such as direct or indirect tensile modulus, tensile-compressive modulus, complex modulus, 2 and 4 point bending fatigue.

The plates thus produced are representative of the materials compacted in situ in terms of homogeneity and distribution of constituents and voids.

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The plate roller consists of three parts:

1/ A molded frame guides a carriage driven longitudinally by an electro-reducer behind it. This carriage carries a balanced pendulum beam that is movable in a vertical plane by means of a hydraulic cylinder. The balance is equipped with a fixed shaft, mounted perpendicular to the carriage trajectory, on which slides a “wheel carrier” whose position is marked. This system gives the tire three movements: longitudinal, vertical and transverse. The front of the frame is equipped with an electric lifting paver screed that pushes the material upwards as it is compacted. This paver screed, whose top adapts to the dimensions of the slab to be compacted, is controlled by a main screw coupled to four wheel nuts, movable on four screws attached to the frame. On the side, an oleo-pneumatic compartment includes an air conditioning unit: filter, lubricator and oleo-pneumatic grade-separated interchange, solenoid valve.

2/ The console: presented separately from the paver screed, it gathers all the ordering and monitoring parts of the manufacturing process.

3/ Compaction accessories: these are mainly fusegates, molds, base plates, hubs fitted with tyres.

Compaction time of a plate: mean time 20 min.

Mean dispersion as a function of percent void σ = 0.125 (V %) where V % = void content of the plate expressed in %.

Relevant dimensions of the plates obtained:

  • L = 0.60 m; W = 0.40 m; 0.025 ˜ h ˜ 0.15 m.
  • L = 0.50 m; W = 0.18 m; 0.025 ˜ h ˜ 0.15 m.

Single or dual mounted tyre, smooth profile.

Tyre dimensions: Ø = 0.415 m; W = 0.109 m.

Load capacity of the tyre inflated to 7.105 Pa: 520 daN.

Option of pre-displaying the transverse position of the wheel.

Semi-automatic operation after selection of the number of passes on the same path.

Continuous control of the slab thickness.

Overall dimensions:

  • Roller: L= 1.70 m; D = 1.30 m; H = 1.10 m,
  • Console: L = 0.80 m; D = 0.55 m; H = 1.10 m


  • Roller: 950 kg
  • Console: 80 kg
  • Installed power: 2,500 W
  • Relevant air pressure: 7.105 Pa

Complies with the Machinery Directives 89/392/EEC and 91/368/EEC.

Download the BBPAC datasheet in PDF format

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