NF P 98-220-3 NF P 98-220-4 ISO 13473-1


Measurement of skid resistance

The SCRIM is a device that meets the NF P 98-220-3, NF P 98-220-4 and ISO 13473-1 standards as well as the test method n° 50-2 of IFSTTAR, and is used for the following application:

  • The SCRIM® (Sideway force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine) is used to determine the skid resistance of a carriageway.
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SCRIM® continuously measures the CTF (sideways force coefficient) and the ETD (estimated texture depth). These readings are taken simultaneously.

SCRIM® is used on the main road network (motorways, highways, roads) and airport runways.

This device meets the needs of managers in terms of:

  • Security
  • Assistance in the programming of work and maintenance
  • Acceptance of wearing course

Additional features can be added such as environmental image capture.

Download the SCRIM datasheet in PDF format

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