Unibox V


Portable longitudinal profile analysis

The UNIBOX-V is a simple, compact and inexpensive system capable of characterizing the longitudinal profile of a road infrastructure. It is used for the following applications:

  • Measurement of the International Roughness Index
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The UNIBOX-V is a simple, compact and inexpensive system capable of describing the longitudinal profile of a piece of road infrastructure. Easily integrated into a vehicle, the system measures the longitudinal profile of the wearing course for wavelength variations between 50 cm and 50 m (optimal operating interval compatible with the measure of evenness).

It is a device essentially intended for the quality control of construction sites. It is delivered with a data acquisition software and simplified operating software that automatically returns the longitudinal profile and associated indicators at the end of the measurement.


  • Is equipped with low cost sensors (accelerometer and laser sensor)
  • Uses GPS for distance and geolocation

The physical system

The UNIBOX–V is a single–track system designed to be easily integrated into a vehicle. A main box (150x230mm) connected to a cigarette lighter socket (12V) gathers the power supply, the electronics, and the data acquisition. An external box combines an inertial sensor (accelerometer) with an analogue output and an optical distance sensor (class 2 laser).

The UNIBOX–V includes a system for attaching the sensors to a vehicle’s mixed hook plate hitch, and a cable connection to the main box. The signals from the UNIBOX–V sensors are acquired by means of an acquisition card positioned in the power supply box and connected by USB cable to a dedicated laptop. The GPS providing position and distance information, and the windshield camera is also connected by USB cable to this laptop.

NextRoad also offers the following accessories:

  • Windows 7 or 8 laptop with 3 dedicated USB sockets to control the system
  • Kit for fixing the laptop in the vehicle cabin
  • Standard mounting kit on mixed hook plate hitch (aluminium profile beam with plate and bolts)
  • Specific hitch mounting kit (adapter for vehicle equipped with APL profilometer trailer)
  • Protective and transport case (custom cut foam)
  • Incremental encoder odometer kit Ø 50 mm 250 points with mounting kit on vehicle wheel

The services offered by Nextroad:

  • Physical installation on vehicle
  • Software installation on PC laptop
  • Classroom and practical training
  • Commissioning of the installed system
  • Metrological verification

The software system

Acquisition: UNISOFT

The UNIBOX data is controlled by the UNISOFT software which allows the synchronisation of the UNIBOX–V data with distance information (GPS and/or incremental encoders). At the end of the measurement, processing is automatically executed to deliver the longitudinal profile of the road (sampled at 5 cm intervals) as well as the various usual indicators (NBO, DSP, IRI), all according to the standard MEC (Moyens d’Essais Chaussées, pavement test means) format. A test report is automatically generated (PDF format) displaying all the results in the form of route diagrams.


The UNIVIEW software is the viewer of UNIBOX–V measurements. It allows you to read and display the content of the different files in the form of tables, route diagrams or maps, as well as the environmental images synchronized with the measurements.

Processing: APL 2015 software UNIBOX–V data (option)

The APL 2015 UNIBOX–V data software is the new version of the APL 2000 software. NextRoad as a publisher and distributor, offers this solution for advanced processing of data from UNIBOX–V.
APL 2015 UNIBOX–V data does not allow you to draw up reports for the acceptance of wearing courses before or after work.

  • Verification of the evenness of the intermediate wearing courses during their laying (self-checking by the companies, external test on site except for acceptance tests)

Potential options:

  • Control of the profile of the pavement support formation level
  • Profilometry on other infrastructures (railways, tramways, etc.)
  • Measurement of very long waves (> 50 m) for airport pavements

Download the UNIBOX datasheet in PDF format