Wheel Tracker Large Device with automatic measurement


logo-mlpc NF EN 12 697-22 (Large Device)


Test methods for determining the susceptibility of bituminous materials to deform under load.
Level 2 of the French Mix Design procedure.


MTQ LC 26-410
Device qualified mlpc®
CSA qualification
NF P98-253-1


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Laboratory equipment designed to study the rutting of asphalt mixes under conditions comparable to the stresses on pavements under traffic, according to standard EN 12697-22.

Two asphalt specimens are simultaneously subjected to repeated passages of a wheel equipped with a tire, under a certain load and under controlled temperature. It is possible to integrate or not to the wheel an angle allowing to introduce a lateral skidding effect.

Automation cuts the testing time by a factor of three and saves 50% of the laboratory worker’s time. The equipment therefore quickly pays for itself compared to a traditional rutting machine.

Many copies of Orniéreur mlpc® have been distributed throughout the world, it is an essential tool for the formulation of asphalt mixes. The latest generation allows you to go further: higher temperature rise, new cowling, control and ergonomics redesigned for the needs of today’s laboratories.


Full automatic testing
→ At each measurement step, without human intervention and in compliance with the standard;
→ Uninterrupted sequence of the different steps with improved repeatability of the measurement points positioning.


Optimized operator time
→ With automatic measurement, no more need to monitor and intervene at each measurement level. Focus on the essentials !
→ Can be paused at any time.


User comfort
→ Easy use thanks to sliding doors, reduced operating noise, large touch screen, numerous connections.
→ Optimal visibility of the test.


→ Developed to carry out the normative test.
→ Possibility of research-type tests thanks to the many parameters included (temperature up to 80 °C, number of measurement levels, position of the measurement points, modification of the thresholds, etc.).


Energy efficiency
→ A cowling with its reinforced insulation, which limits the heating cycles for the rise of temperature, but also to maintain it throughout the test.
→ The opening of the doors during the test is avoided thanks to the automatic measurement.


→ Units with service lives in excess of 20 years in heavy conditions.


Ease of maintenance
→ Thanks to the cowling, which can be partially or completely dismantled.

Overall dimension and mass

Length1,77 m
Width1,55 m
Height 2.00 m
Mass1250 kg
HandlingForklift and integrated caster system.


Electric power supply

Power supplyThree-phase 400 V, 50Hz ou 60Hz – 16A
Installed capacity 6 kW


Electric heating

Alimentation Triphasé 400V 50Hz
Puissance 3 kW
Température d’essai Ambiante à 80°C
Temps de mise en température ~4h à 60°C – programmable
Suivi de température 4 sondes, enrobé et air pour chaque éprouvette


Carriage translation



3 kW


Rated frequency 1Hz


Pneumatic supply

Nominal pressure 0,7 Mpa (7 Bar)
Maximum pressure 1 Mpa (10 Bar)
Flow rate 8 Nl/min en continu (tables en charge, système en régulation)

300 Nl/min en pointe

Max load5.5 kN



Languages French / English
Graphical Touch interface Integrated
Sample loadedFacilitated by the translation system
Rutting measurement 15 points: automatic with 3 sensors for each specimen


This Wheel Tracker large device enables to test 2 samples in simultaneous and includes:

  • 2 full assembled wheels
  • 2 bottom plates for samples
  • 2 temperature sensors to control the air near the samples
  • 2 temperature sensors to control and regulate the two samples
  • Inflation system enables to control and adjust the tyre pressure
  • Control system for the autonomous test
  • Three-color indicator light, visible from a distance, which indicates the device status
  • Large touch sensing device connected to a computer (Windows 10 or later), used as interface to the machine
  • Wifi network, usb connectivity
  • Automated system to measure rutting
  • Metrology: compliance test report
  • User manual, electric and pneumatic plans

147A1-100.2 : Aluminium sample frame 500×180 mm h=100 mm
147A1-50.2 : Aluminium sample frame 500×180 mm h=50 mm
77C-4.1 : Sample bottom plate
104769 : Manual lift table
108034 : Electric lift table
107861 : Air temperature sensor
107944 : Asphalt mix temperature sensor
107902 : Rutting measurement system for the automated system
77D1-60 : Manual rutting measurement kit with gauge
77V0015 : Full assembled wheel
77V0014 : Rim
103914 : Protection flap
105392 : Inner tube
100856 : Valve extension
100634 : Tire

Metrology accessories on request.

For more information, you can watch the video :

Download in PDF format the Orniereur datasheet

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