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🌍✨ End of the measurement campaign with the amazing team from ADM (Moroccan Highways) 🛣🔍

📆 Do you remember the post from 19/12 last year, when we unveiled our mission to survey 8112 km in Morocco with our SCRIM and SYMAN? Well, after their visit to our Buzançais site on 30/01, 31/01, and 02/02, we had the pleasure of hosting the ADM team at our La Verrière site (78) to finalize the campaign and open discussions on other issues.

🎯 We presented our expertise in Structures and our Pavement Engineering service, two rapidly growing services at NextRoad. We also highlighted our Vectra brand equipment, internationally recognized for their performance and robustness.

Heartfelt thanks to #ADM for this fruitful collaboration and to our passionate teams delighted to share their expertise.

“A big thank you for the warm welcome and the quality of the exchanges. We are delighted to have met all of your teams. Thank you for this sharing.” – Abdeslam El Moukni – Head of the Planning and Maintenance Management Division.

Together, for more sustainable and safer infrastructures. 🌟

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