Congratulations to our survey and treatment teams who are currently intervening in the context of a market for Survey and Characterization of the Road Network – PFT Measurements and Geometry on behalf of the Collectivity of Corsica with our SIGMA measurement vehicle.

The objective of this mission is to establish an organized and scientific approach that allows for the long-term management of the technical and budgetary constraints that are imposed on every manager.

Thus, over time, we obtain roads in the best possible condition, reduced construction budget expenditures by at least 25% compared to what is usually observed, and an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions!

These ongoing measures are part of a broader approach to:

  • The knowledge of one’s road network at the first stage of the rocket with the ongoing measurements.
  • The orientation and choice of a maintenance policy for the network.
  • The control of the implementation of works (construction & maintenance).
  • The financial optimization of maintenance works.
  • Long-term monitoring and continuous improvement.

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A big thank you to the Collectivity of Corsica for its trust. A big congratulations to them for implementing this approach, allowing for a true construction of their management policy.

à prestu !


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