The objectives of this service carried out in 2022?

◾ Identify the structures and then establish a basic evaluation of their condition in terms of structure and safety;

◾ Collect descriptive data for each identified structure including:

  • GPS location, context, description of characteristics;
  • Condition of the structure (including photographs), apparent safety issues;

◾ Provide the Client with immediately usable and structured computer data (such as an Excel spreadsheet);


Thank you to everyone who participated closely or remotely in the development of this project.


We especially commend Mr. Cédric GUIHARD for his unwavering involvement throughout all stages of the project. We are grateful for the trust you have placed in us.

DPS Service (Diagnostic and Structural Pathology) Youness AOUAM, Stephane Verdier and the Rhône Alpes Agency with Jerome Tissandier


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