At NextRoad, we have developed NextBike, an innovative solution that allows you to proactively take care of your bike lanes.

Our device enables you to:

1 – Opt for proactive management: NextBike goes beyond simple visual inspection of bike lanes. Our technology, designed by NextRoad, provides detailed imaging of the lanes, including pathologies and assets. With this data in hand, managers are equipped to establish a targeted and effective preventive maintenance strategy. Imagine being able to anticipate potential issues before they become costly to repair. NextBike offers you this opportunity by providing precise knowledge of the current condition of your bike lanes. This proactive management ensures better utilization of budgetary resources. 💡

2 – Preserve our environment: By taking care of your bike lanes, you promote more sustainable mobility, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. With NextBike, you contribute to creating a more sustainable environment. 🌿

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