In France, the number of illegal speed bumps continues to grow!

Speed bumps are used to slow down users in areas with high traffic density or near residential areas.

However, many speed bumps are installed without respecting road safety standards, and by doing so, they create risks for drivers, pedestrians, and two-wheelers.

A safety issue…

Illegal speed bumps can pose several risks to road safety. Firstly, they can damage vehicles in case of fast driving. Speed bumps that are too high or poorly placed can also cause accidents, especially for two-wheelers or pedestrians who may fall or trip over them.

An environmental issue…

Illegal speed bumps and the environment don’t mix well, as they increase exhaust emissions due to abrupt stops and starts. This can be particularly detrimental in urban areas where air quality is already compromised.

NextRoad, by your side to help you control your existing speed bumps, but also to ensure compliance with standards during the installation of new speed bumps. This is to avoid the subsequent costs of bringing them up to standard.


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