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The Vectra automatic rutter that saves you time and money.

CV-Equipment Vectra 77F automatic rutting machine is unique in performing automatically the EN 12697-2 rutting test. This equipment can perform the test autonomously, continuously carrying out the heating, rutting and measuring cycles, without stop for human intervention.

You can program the start of the test at your convenience. The rutting machine performs the temperature rise, the rutting start and the measurements at each stage of the test.

Start the test at the end of the day and have the results the next morning!

In practice, test automation cuts test time by up to a factor of three and saves 50% of the lab technician’s time compared to a traditional programmable rutting machine, which requires the test to be stopped at each step.

For year-round testing, the equipment rapidly pays for itself, allowing the operators to devote themselves to other activities and the laboratory to deliver more test results more quickly.



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