Our SCRIM 3 in Sicily

From 07/23 to 07/27, our AGR team covered 580 km of Sicilian highways on behalf of Rodeco. The success of this mission relies on the expertise of our engineers and technicians who meticulously planned and executed these measurements. Road grip is an essential element of road safety, and our team used the SCRIM 3, a state-of-the-art device, to provide accurate and actionable data to Rodeco.

Having a good understanding of its road network is the first essential step in the virtuous management approach advocated by NextRoad. Thanks to the data and images collected, our client will be able to develop a maintenance strategy, proactively anticipate challenges, and thus improve safety and traffic efficiency for all users of Sicilian highways.

At NextRoad, our commitment to the continuous improvement of road infrastructure is what drives us forward.

Thank you to Rodeco for placing their trust in our expertise.


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