At first glance, there seems to be no connection… and yet there is!

The network is built according to a logic of planned obsolescence! Our infrastructures are designed to last a certain number of years. In other words, calculations are made by engineers to determine the technical solutions and materials for a chosen duration. Generally, a flexible pavement is designed to last 15 years.

However, the concept of planned obsolescence does not exclude the need for maintenance during this period.

In this logic, the challenge for the network manager is to implement an organized approach that allows them to control the technical and budgetary constraints over time, to ultimately guarantee (at the very least) the achievement of this planned obsolescence.

According to our estimates, this organized approach allows for, if well implemented:

  • Roads in the best possible condition,
  • Reduced expenses by at least 25% compared to what is usually observed.
  • An equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions.

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