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wheel tracker improvement

Product evolutions: the Orniéreur with automatic measurement

Our Vectra brand has been manufacturing and selling asphalt formulation equipment and testing equipment for over 30 years.

Thanks to our R&D team, the rutter has evolved well since the first generations but still meets the NF EN 12697-22 standard. The design has been completely redesigned and measurements are performed automatically. It also allows:
• Heat up to 60°C in 4 hours;
• Reduce measurement times through specimen translation and automatic measurement;
• Facilitate maintenance by mounting/reassembling panels in less than 2 minutes;
• Better visibility of the test with large Plexiglas windows and internal lighting and indicator light to monitor test status;
• Improved temperature homogeneity within the housing;
• Interact more intuitively through the human machine interface;
• Test up to 80°C in “Search Mode”;
• Schedule the warm-up (the day before for the next day) and thus remove the operator wait.


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