Modular high-performance condition survey system

The ASTRA is a multifunctional device that allows in a single pass to acquire all the data or measurements necessary to evaluate or issue a road diagnosis.

This modular, high-performance condition survey system meets the needs of road network managers by offering them a tool for easy laying.

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The data storage is done for each function on its storage unit and then centralised on the central computer. They are saved on compatible media (removable hard disk, DVD Rom, etc.).

All the acquired images as well as the GPS data and the curvilinear distance are stored in real time.

The GPS acquisition allows operation, either without real-time correction, or in differential correction, of the positions in real time (Omnistar, Egnos for example). The GPS receiver is used with sub-metric accuracy in real-time correction.

Each image is located in the curvilinear system according to an acquisition step (definable by the operator and can be different from the acquisition step of other functions: GPS, longitudinal profile, etc.), but also in latitude / longitude / altitude given by the GPS positioning.

The deterioration and event reports are made via two keyboards with twenty keys (or functions) each. All the keys on both keyboards can be configured by the operator. It can store a library of elementary configurations for the keyboards concerning traffic signing and staking surveys, carriageway equipment or distress reports according to different levels of severity.

Distance measurement:

  • Optical encoder 5 000 pulses / wheel revolution
  • Accuracy: 0.2 %

Measurement of longitudinal evenness: NBO, IRI, etc.

Macrotexture: Average Profile Depth (APD)

Transverse evenness measurement:

  • Profile definition: 1,280 points, width: 3.50 m
  • No acquisition: up to 1 m at 80 km/h
  • Vertical resolution: 1 mm

dgps positioning measurement and geometry:

  • Declivity (in %), accuracy: + 0.25
  • Tilt (in %), accuracy: + 0.25 %
  • Radius of curvature in plane: in m
  • In X, Y, Z, accuracy: < 2 m (95%) in real time
  • Optional submetric accuracy: < 1 m with real time correction

Download the ASTRA datasheet in PDF format

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