Falling weight deflectometer

The HWD/FWD is a device for determining the bearing capacity of pavement. It is composed of a falling weight that generates an impulse loading on the pavement surface by means of a rigid plate and a damping system.

The deflections generated are measured by means of geophones placed under and around the plate.

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Flexible and modular system:

  • SQL software
  • FWD → SHWD modular design
  • RoSy DESIGN front/back computing system for up to 18 geophones
  • SHRP Certificate

The scalable principle means that there is no need to invest in a new device if the requirements of the current device change. Upgrading a standard 7-150 kN FWD (Falling Weight Deflectometer) to a 7-250 kN HWD (Heavy Weight Deflectometer) or even a 7-350 kN SHWD (Super Heavy Weight Deflectometer) device is a simple operation that can be done in a few days.

The development work can be carried out on the site of the customer. The customer can choose the number of geophones (from 10 to 18 or more if necessary).

The FWD trailer can be integrated into a van without having to invest in new measuring equipment.

  • Operating temperature: –50 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • Impact resistance: up to 50 grams
  • Sampling: accelerated sampling speed Real-time and simultaneous sampling for all channels
  • Software platform: SQL
  • Data storage: Standard database Storage of all types of formats (including those from other manufacturers)

For data processing, RoSy Design, a forward/backward calculation software for the analysis of road and airport data is provided. However, the files generated by this hardware can be processed on any forward/backward data calculation program. RoSy DESIGN is a software for processing data from 10 to 18 geophones.

Alerts given by the system:

  • The temperature is measured every 30 seconds
    The min/max deflection of each sensor
    The min/max force
    Non-decreasing deflection
    Capacity when the battery is low

Other electronic functions:

  • Standard Ethernet communication
  • Wired or wireless communication
  • FWD remote control via internet – customer service
  • More than 18 geophones
  • Transport possible between –40 and 70 degrees Celsius.

  • Work possible in areas not accessible to heavy goods vehicles (tight curves, etc.) thanks to the small size of the device.
  • Simulation of a vehicle from 1.4 t to 48 t in HWD configuration, thanks to its variable load system.
  • Automated set-up of the device.
  • Safer operation requiring a single operator in the cab.
  • More economical supply and removal for small linear distances (< 3 km) than with a conventional solution.

Download the FWD HWD datasheet in PDF format


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