NF 98 218-3 ISO 8608 EN 13036-6 :2008


Continuous measure of the longitudinal evenness

The APL, an mlpc vehicle which meets the criteria of the NF 98 218-3, ISO 8608 and EN 13036-6:2008 standards, is used for the following applications:

  • The APL -profilometer- system allows the continuous measure of the longitudinal evenness of road carriageways and aeronautical runways and, more generally, of any lane used by motor vehicles, whatever the structure of the carriageway and the nature of its overlaying.
  • The measure is based on a survey of the longitudinal profile of the pavement, in one or two traces: the analysis of this profile makes it possible to deduce the evenness characteristics of the pavement surface.
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Modular high-performance condition survey system

The ASTRA is a multifunctional device that allows in a single pass to acquire all the data or measurements necessary to evaluate or issue a road diagnosis.

This modular, high-performance condition survey system meets the needs of road network managers by offering them a tool for easy laying.

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Falling weight deflectometer

The HWD/FWD is a device for determining the bearing capacity of pavement. It is composed of a falling weight that generates an impulse loading on the pavement surface by means of a rigid plate and a damping system.

The deflections generated are measured by means of geophones placed under and around the plate.

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Measure of the longitudinal force coefficient

Griptester is a Findlay Irvine vehicle which will be used for the following application:

  • The measure of a longitudinal force coefficient (LFC) between the overlaying and a tyre based on the principle of a braked wheel with a constant slip rate of about 15%. This slip rate, which generates the skid resistance, is obtained by mechanical drive between the two carrier wheels and the measure wheel.
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Lacroix deflectograph

The Lacroix Deflectograph is a pavement condition survey vehicle that is used for the following applications:

  • Measures the deflection basin of a pavement under the action of a moving heavy goods vehicle at constant speed.
  • It allows the application of the different operating modes of IFSTTAR method n°39 of surface deformability measures.

It is used for:

  • Monitoring a road network
  • Detectng defective areas to be reinforced
  • Checking construction sites
  • Winter monitoring (installation or removal of weight limits during thaw conditions).
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NF P 98-218


Continuous measure of the longitudinal evenness

The MLPL is a vehicle for pavement condition survey that meets the criteria of standard NF P 98-218 will be used for the following applications:

The MLPL system is a non-contact longitudinal profile measureing device co-developed by VECTRA, now NextRoad Engineering and IFSTTAR (formerly Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées). This laser profilometer can be integrated into a single or multi-function vehicle (and is APO compatible). Its metrological qualities are equivalent to those of the APL profilometer. As such, the MLPL is – like the APL profilometer- approved for the acceptance of wearing courses after construction. The measure can be carried out at a speed between 36 and 130 km/h, on dry or slightly wet roads.

The system can integrate the measurement of the macrotexture.

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Assisting in the management, evaluation and preservation of the road network

Our multifunctionals are multifunctional vehicles used for the following applications:

  • Measures concrete and metal guardrail heights
  • Measures free heights under structures
  • Measures superelevation of a formation level and of each lane

SYMAN is a multifunctional device designed and manufactured according to the requirements and needs of road and motorway managers.

SYMAN (SYstème Multifonction d’ANalyse) is a device capable of acquiring in a single pass all the data at the speed of traffic (road and motorway).

This device is equipped with a LIDAR (Lighthouse Detection And Ranging) function that allows the detection and measurement of objects near the pavement or the pavement itself continuously in the traffic flow.

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MTQ LC 26-410  ISO 13473-6 

DEUT 1521087N 


Rugo Box® is a simple, modular and affordable device for measuring the macrotexture of road surfaces. (MDP/ETD)


NF P 98-220-3 NF P 98-220-4 ISO 13473-1


Measurement of skid resistance

The SCRIM is a device that meets the NF P 98-220-3, NF P 98-220-4 and ISO 13473-1 standards as well as the test method n° 50-2 of IFSTTAR, and is used for the following application:

  • The SCRIM® (Sideway force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine) is used to determine the skid resistance of a carriageway.
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Unibox V


Portable longitudinal profile analysis

The UNIBOX-V is a simple, compact and inexpensive system capable of characterizing the longitudinal profile of a road infrastructure. It is used for the following applications:

  • Measurement of the International Roughness Index
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