Since 2021, we have been assisting DIR EST in Besançon with the external control of their road network. This involves 17 construction sites in 2023. 👷‍♀️

Between April and November, our Center-East agency intervened to carry out external control of these renewal works. 🛣

Our team’s mission begins from the preparation phase of the construction site to its completion and includes various actions:

🔸 Study of the Quality Assurance Plan (PAQ) provided by the contractor with the provision of technical opinions

🔸 Technical assistance to the project manager with participation in pre-start meetings and construction meetings

🔸 Monitoring of road planing and definition of purge zones if necessary.

🔸 Monitoring of cleaning and reception of the base before bonding layer.

🔸 Monitoring and control of the implementation of bonding layers.

🔸 Control of asphalt production.

🔸 Monitoring of asphalt implementation (temperature, compactness, macrotexture, bonding, thickness).

🔸 Technical evaluation of any detected non-conformities.


We thank DIR Est for their trust! 🤝

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