NewsNextRoadVehicule multifonction ASTRA en mesures sur route du Nievre

The ASTRA 5 in action in Nièvre !

One of our teams is currently conducting a measurement mission with the ASTRA 5 over approximately 4500 km of roads for the Department of Nièvre (58).

They are using an ASTRA 5, a cutting-edge technology developed by NextRoad, which allows for the acquisition of all necessary data for road condition analysis (distance measurement, longitudinal evenness, macrotexture, transverse evenness, etc.) in a single pass.

High-efficiency road network surveying provides the manager with precise knowledge of the condition of their assets, enabling them to deploy an effective maintenance strategy that ensures “the right works at the right time.”

Regular surveying of the network (a good practice is to renew it every 4 years) is the first step in a virtuous approach to managing road assets. It is beneficial for the local authority’s operating budget, the environment, and user safety.


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