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Appointments not to be missed!

This Tuesday, June 8 marked the launch of the Tuesdays of Maintenance des Routes de France (MRF). Unionized MRF, we will be at the rendezvous every 2nd Tuesday of the month on the idealCo platform to participate and exchange around the objective of MRF “together, for sustainable roads”.

The objective of these new appointments?

It is Maintenance des Routes de France that says it: “The red thread will be the sharing of experience to help you, accompany you in the search for the most efficient service providers through sourcing and definition of the most relevant needs possible. We also have projects on the constitution of professional standards such as Certificates of Professional Qualification (CQP) and standards such as implementation standards.”

You can not be present e but the subject interests you? 

A replay will be available. Moreover, you can find the one of the first session on idealCo by clicking >>here<

The next Tuesday of the roads of France will take place on Tuesday, July 6. Do not hesitate to register.