Monitoring Road Works Increases Their Lifespan – Best Practices

Did you know that 50% of monitored works reveal non-conformities? And that a third of these non-conformities reduce the lifespan of the works by 50% (source NextRoad)?

Why? Because there is a difference between theory and practice; even the best studies and the best contracts will always be confronted with the harsh reality of the construction site.

So yes, a road asset manager should systematically have the implementation of their works checked by an independent third party, whether internal (in-house) or external (through an outside control): 👉 so that their works last longer 👉 so that the actual lifespan of the works = promised/theoretical lifespan

Your teams don’t have the time? Call on expert engineering services. It’s the assurance of works that will last longer, thus significantly optimized maintenance budgets: the return on investment is immediate!

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