Asbestos & PAH Diagnosis


An obligation…

Diagnosing the presence of asbestos and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in the pavement before any work is a regulatory obligation for all project owners. Whether it’s simple sidewalk work or roadway work, no matter the surface area and depth of the planned work: these analyses are required by law before the start of your construction site. The aim of this type of study is to protect the health of workers from these carcinogenic products.

We are by your side for your Asbestos & PAH Diagnostics

Faced with this health imperative, NextRoad is by your side to define a diagnostic representative of the bituminous products present on your road structures. We carry out for you the sampling plan, the grid, the sampling and entrust the materials to our COFRAC-certified partner laboratories so that they can perform the analyses in compliance with the decree of October 1, 2020, applicable since April 21, 2021.

Our layer-by-layer results are synthesized, interpreted, and usable on our MAORIE platform (Computer-Assisted Management of Networks, Infrastructures, and the Environment), which allows for different cartographic views, but also reports and various business tools concerning our interventions and engineering. Thus, managers can concentrate on their added value without spending significant time on big data processing. This makes the decision-making of roadway managers easier and more fluid for future work (removal plans, or additional analysis to circumscribe a problematic area, etc.). In any case, our technical expertise is at your service to advise and support you on this type of mission.

By what means?

In compliance with current regulations, our staff is trained in sub-section 4 (SS4) and each of our technicians has their training certificate in force concerning the asbestos risk. They intervene within the strict framework of an SS4 asbestos sampling operating procedure, validated by occupational medicine. These indispensable provisions, scrupulously respected by our technicians, illustrate the seriousness of our diagnostics and our professionalism in this type of mission where quality must not be neglected.

Our 15 sites located throughout France allow us to be reactive to your needs.

A representative and quality study is a guarantee of safety concerning the health issues represented by these asbestos PAH diagnostics for roadway managers.


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