🛣️ As roads and airport runways play a crucial role in facilitating safe travel, it is essential to maintain their structural integrity.

💡 What is HWD/FWD? This device has a long history explained in BLPC 209 from May/June 1997.

The FWD/HWD is used to perform precise and rapid deflection measurements on roadways and airport runways. The HWD/FWD is a device designed for determining the load-bearing capacity of pavements and more. It is a very useful tool that allows for quick investigations on asphalt and concrete pavements. It provides information about the structural condition of asphalt pavements with MLI, BLI, SCI. Moreover, it can also be used on concrete pavements to assess the “load transfer” quality and “differential deformation” at joints.

The deflections generated are measured using geophones placed beneath and around the plate. It measures the deflection basin under the effect of a falling mass with various types of loads to better stress the pavement structure.

📈 The benefits for your road or airport network: By using our HWD/FWD services, you gain access to precise measurements that enable you to better plan your maintenance work, optimize costs, and ensure the safety of your users. The HWD/FWD can operate in areas inaccessible to heavy trucks due to its compact size.

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