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Structures linked to road networks such as bridges and viaducts, tunnels, toll canopies, large noise walls are a major national issue and their maintenance is essential. Everyone remembers the Genoa disaster that occurred on August 14, 2018, which raised in our country the issue of safety and maintenance of bridges. To meet this need, for more than a year, the NextRoad Group has decided to dedicate a service to this issue: the Diagnostic and Structural Pathology department, specialist in this field.


The Viaduct of la Scie

Crossing the Scie valley near Manéhouville, in the Seine-Maritime region, is the Scie viaduct that will facilitate the journey from Rouen to Dieppe. This magnificent curved structure of 35 m in height extends over 500 m in length, it consists of 6 concrete piers spaced 75 m apart and a steel deck formed by 37 m spars.

This viaduct absorbs the passage of 15,000 vehicles per day through the town of Saint-Aubin-sur-Scie.

The mission of the NextRoad Group’s Diagnostic & Pathology Structure Department is to inspect the entire structure to provide local authorities and project owners with a detailed analysis of its general condition and to inform them of the need to carry out any repairs.


Work inspection with reduced environmental impact

For this mission in partnership with the company DBI, NextRoad has chosen to use a drone for the inspection of the lower parts and underdeck instead of a traditional negative bridge; a decision with a positive impact on the environment and the safety of the teams. Indeed, the use of a drone saves the CO2 emissions of a return trip of a semi carrier and allows to intervene safely for the teams, normally suspended at 35m above the ground.

The passage of the drone is a real plus for this mission, it allows to bring a remarkable precision on the georeferencing of the photos.

In addition to the intervention of the drone, a team composed of 3 NextRoadien ne s to identify the degradation of the upper part of the structure.

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