It is with pride that I present our new website.

The latter, which is intended to be user-friendly, will hopefully be able to meet your expectations regarding the understanding of our business, our organization and the services we can provide you.

This is also an opportunity for me to announce the creation of NextRoad Engineering entities, born from the mergers of Qualys tpi and Vectra, NextRoad Equipment which takes over the «hardware» activities of Vectra and NextRoad Services, new structure dedicated more specifically to data processing but also to the infrastructure engineering market in Africa.

In a few figures, the NextRoad group is also, and above all, more than 150 employees including more than 45 engineers spread over 13 sites in France and abroad who want above all your satisfaction.

The NextRoad group consists of two distinct but complementary activities: the design, manufacture and marketing of materials for testing and formulation studies of asphalt and infrastructure engineering.

My conviction, our conviction at NextRoad is:

Whatever the development and urbanization of countries, both in Europe and in the rest of the world, infrastructure is the backbone of their economies but also of their social and cultural policies.

The diagnostic and decision support tools we have must provide political, technical and network managers with the means to choose the future and the dynamics they reserve for the state of their travel network, of course, all of this in a constrained global economic and environmental context.

The valuation of this heritage is essential and the management of these assets will very quickly be the major challenge to implement real maintenance policies in the long term.


NextRoad Equipment will be present to provide stakeholders with efficient decision support equipment.

NextRoad Engineering and NextRoad Services will be present to support them in the implementation of these maintenance policies and the management of these assets.


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