Laboratory mixer – BBMAX

NF-EN 12697-35 (09/2007)


The laboratory mixer – BBMAX, is a co-developed mlpc laboratory device which meets the criteria of the NF-EN 12697-35 standard of (09/2007). It is used for the following applications:

It allows the preparation of relatively large samples of any coated material in the laboratory for subsequent testing on:

  • Compacting paver screed
  • Wheel tracker
  • Gyratory shear press
  • Modulus measure
  • Fatigue tests
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The 80 kg mixer has a frame consisting of a base and two vertical posts. The flat-bottom cylindrical tank is movable. It is housed in a casing containing the electrical heating resistances and an insulating layer of ceramic fibres.

This envelope swings around two horizontal pivots driven by a reducer ordered manually by a handwheel. The tank is topped by the mixing head consisting of a bell on which are fixed the electric gear motor and the epicycloidal gears that drive the Archimedes’ screw and the scraper blade. A door in the wall of the bell allows the addition of components during the mixing process.

A safety system interrupts the rotational movements when the door is opened. The whole mixing head slides along the vertical posts thanks to two chains driven by an electric gear motor.

Switches limit the up and down travel. A cabinet contains the electrical ordering and regulation devices. A 25 kg mixer with a very similar design also exists. Its principle is identical to that of the 80 kg mixer. Some changes have been made in the construction provisions

The standard deviation of the fines dosage, which is the best criterion of mixing homogeneity, is very low. As an example, it is less than 0.15% for a bitumen–bound graded aggregate containing 7% fines.

The mixing time of a batch brought to the desired temperature is less than 3 minutes. Movable double envelope tank with tipper.

Complete sealing during mixing.

Door and hatch for introducing materials, fines, binder.

Programmable PID controller.

Timer – Various safety devices.

Complies with the Machinery Directives 89/392/EEC and 91/368/EEC.

  • Capacity: BBMAX80 = 80 kg / BBMAX25 = 25 kg
  • Motor speed: BBMAX80 = 750 to 1,500 rpm / BBMAX25 = 1,500 to 3,000 rpm
  • Tool arm speed: BBMAX80 = 20 to 40 rpm / BBMAX25 = 32 to 64 rpm
  • Tool speed: BBMAX80 = 51.5 and 103 rpm / BBMAX25 = 90 and 180 rpm
  • Motor power: BBMAX80 = 2.2 and 3.3 kW / BBMAX25 = 1.5 and 2.2 kW
  • Heating power: BBMAX80 = 6 kW / BBMAX25 = 3 kW
  • Control range: BBMAX80 = 50 to 250°C / BBMAX25 = 50 to 250°C
  • Control accuracy: BBMAX80 = ± 5°C / BBMAX25 = ± 5°C
  • Dimensions : BBMAX80 = H = 2.40 m W = 1.20 m D = 0.95 m / BBMAX25 = H =2.05 m W = 1.40 m D = 0.80 m
  • Weight : BBMAX80 = 820 kg / BBMAX25 = 550 kg

Download the BBMAX datasheet in PDF format

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