Toward a “Strong and Ecological”​ Management of Infrastructures

In June 2020, Emmanuel Macron declared his desire to “rebuild a strong, ecological, sovereign, and united economy.” (1) In May 2020, the French Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, wrote in his book published the same month, that it “[was] up to us to accelerate the ecological transition to make our economy the first decarbonized economy on the planet” (2).

While the European Commission’s “Green Deal” adopted at the end of 2020 aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, France has already experienced 2 heatwaves since the beginning of the year.

The environment is a major societal issue. It must be one of the performance indicators in all fields of activity, including ours: infrastructure. Routes de France, in its 2022 annual report “The State of the Road,” reminds us that according to various studies, “the carbon footprint related to the use of infrastructures is responsible for half of the French CO2 emissions.” “In France, 42% of CO2 emissions are due to road usage.” (3)

To reduce this indirect carbon footprint of road networks, we share the vision of MRF – Maintenance des Routes de France – which would be to develop the “sustainable renovation of road infrastructures” (4).

As emphasized in Routes de France’s 2022 annual report, “ensuring regular maintenance of these infrastructures (renewal of road surfacing, refurbishment of waterproofing structures) would allow both to better prevent risks, to achieve significant savings, and to avoid CO2 emissions generated, on the one hand, by poor maintenance of the road surfaces (> 6% more consumption) and, on the other hand, by more substantial curative maintenance interventions.” (3)

We estimate that we can reduce by at least 25% the CO2 emissions related to the management of our clients’ assets by following the 5 steps of the virtuous strategy of infrastructure management.

NextRoad supports you in “accelerating the ecological transition” (5)


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