[WHITE PAPER] – Changing Our Perspective on the Maintenance of Our Roads and Bridges!

A year ago, the Court of Audit published a report on the maintenance of national and departmental roads, highlighting difficulties such as:

  • An aging infrastructure that is poorly understood, a consequence of fragmented technical competences,
  • A lack of coherence and efficiency in the current practices of managers, and the absence of indicators of the service rendered.

💡 NextRoad, an expert in road engineering who shares this observation, decided with other stakeholders to write a white paper in the form of an illustrated practical guide. This is to show that pragmatic management solutions exist.


❌ We believe that money is not the main problem. With the same money, we can do much better. The main issue is the perspective we have on this topic. The maintenance of roads and bridges should not be reduced to a technical subject. Our collective challenge is to move to a strategic management of this considerable heritage, shifting from curative to preventive.


📣 We call for mobilizing more intellectual effort and changing our ways to preserve our common good! ✅


Thank you to those who contributed to this white paper.


Francois De Rugy, Pascal BERTEAUD, Gilles LIGOT, Maël de Calan, David Zambon, Nathalie TROUSSARD, François DUROVRAY, Gil Avérous, Marc TEYSSIER d’ORFEUIL, Hervé de Chillaz.



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