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Measuring wheel of the SCRIM®


NextRoad will participate in the second EUROPEAN PAVEMENT FRICTION WORKSHOP (EPFW), which will be held in Nantes from 20 to 24 May 2019.

NextRoad also sponsors this important event organized by IFSTTAR’s Environment, Planning, Safety and Eco-design (Ease) laboratory in the field of road adhesion. (More information at: https://friction.sciencesconf.org/)


After the first edition in 2017, this workshop is divided into three parts:

Inter-laboratory comparison of high-performance friction adhesion measuring devices of a measuring tyre (3 days);
Inter-laboratory comparison of static adhesion measuring devices (2 days);
Scientific conference (2 days).

NextRoad’s SCRIM® will be present, as well as the Research and Development Department, the Road Engineering Production Department, the Technical Department and the General Management.

The aim of this workshop is to prepare a European harmonisation of road adhesion standards by providing quantified and relevant data on measurements made by different devices.

It is also part of the continuation of the European project ROSANNE (http://rosanne-project.eu/) but the latter had a wider field than just adhesion, since it also dealt with rolling resistance and rolling noise.

The main interest of the IFSTTAR Nantes site, in addition to the skills of staff in terms of road grip, is to have on the slide track:

a set of reference boards with contrasting macro and micro-texture levels;
additional irrigation systems;
water height measurement system;
a photographic chamber of the tire-to-road contact.

After an initial calibration of the various devices present, the measurements will also be conducted at different speeds on the boards that correspond to the different coatings.

The conference brings together stakeholders in the profession, including measurement laboratories, road and airport technical services, researchers, administrations, pneumaticians, etc.

It is important for NextRoad, which is with CEREMA one of the major players in France in this field, to participate in this event.


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