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Following the merger in 2017 of the two companies Vectra and Qualys-Tpi, the NextRoad Group marks the history of the road engineering sector, being the first independent private company of this size to have ever existed in France, in a field previously reserved for and held by public engineering.

After the acquisition of ACR and ControLab, the Group now employs more than 200 people for a turnover of around €22 million.

It is organized around 2 activities: The Road & Structures division whose mission is to support infrastructure managers in their process of maintenance and maintenance of road networks, motorway, airport and civil engineering infrastructure on the one hand, and the manufacture, sale of laboratory equipment and testing Equipment Division on the other.

The NextRoad Group has also developed an international activity, particularly in Africa (airports and highways) with a subsidiary in Tunis.



At the end of May, ACR joined the NextRoad Group’s Roads & Structures Division. Acquisition consolidates road engineering activities [external control, road testing, inspection and diagnosis, maintenance strategy, dimensioning of solutions, database management, assistance to Project Owner, tender assistant, financial engineering related to policies maintenance, assistance in enhancing the environmental impacts of maintenance policies).

The 6 ACR sites are in addition to the 11 NextRoad sites, thus densifying its national network. Reaching the goal of a NextRoad site less than 2 hours away from all customers or partners in order to strengthen the proximity link is getting closer. Thus alone, the Mediterranean agency covers the south of France with no less than 4 sites



At the end of April, ControLab, specialized since 1978 in the distribution of laboratory equipment for all types of road tests, in civil engineering, environmental engineering or geotechnics, joined the NextRoad Group’s Equipment Division.

The ControLab company’s catalog completes the Equipment Division’s catalog of approximately 2,000 products in 15 different ranges: software; measurement and monitoring hardware; testing equipment for aggregates, cements and mortars, concretes, soils, drilling and drilling, rocks and ores, roads, metals and wood, mobile laboratory, physicochemical or didactic analysis equipment, physico-thermal analysis; general laboratory equipment.

This offer places the NextRoad Group among the referents of the European market in this sector and strengthens its place in Francophone Africa in which it is already very active.

The national deployment of NextRoad Equipment’s metrology/after-sales service, on 4 sites (South-East, Centre, Ile de France, East) meets the expectations of proximity and responsiveness of its customers.

The combination of study and development resources strengthens the innovation capabilities of NextRoad Equipment which favors a French or European design and manufacture of the materials and equipment it offers.


Under the leadership of François Poitrinal, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Pascal Tourret, Chairman of the Management Board, the NextRoad Group aims to be the privileged interlocutor of local authorities and entities, owners or managers, of road infrastructure, to help them achieve the service objectives they set for their heritage, for current and future uses and users. It provides the skills of its employees to help define the best budget and environmental strategies, plan, control maintenance and maintenance work and thus optimize financial resources, energy and use of materials.

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