NF EN 1436


Continuous checking of day and night visibility of road markings

The ECODYN 3, a compact mlpc vehicle which meets the criteria of European standard NF EN 1436 is used for the following application:

  • Continuously measures the coefficients of retro-reflective luminance of road markings as well as their day and night contrasts in relation to the pavement.

This helps the manager to program his/her renewal campaigns, to control the quality of the laying of the road marking products, and to follow their development over time.

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The device is compact, which is an undeniable benefit in terms of operator and user safety. It is easily maintainable and takes into account recent technological developments, especially in lighting sources and digital signal processing.

Data acquisition is performed at traffic speed (easily up to 130 km/h) by means of one or two simultaneous heads. This new possibility offers an important time saving when taking the measures and thus limits the time spent on the network and the inconvenience to users.

The one-metre wide condition survey head, doubled compared to the previous generation, facilitates lateral positioning on the carriageway, but also the possibility of carrying out simultaneous measures of the road marking on the axis and on the edge (using a second head).

The use of LED technology provides greater durability and lower energy consumption than older versions. In this new architecture, all the elements are grouped in the head, facilitating the metrological integrity of the data and an international deployment of the device.

Metrological specifications

  • Emission angle : 1.24°
  • Reception angle : 2.29°
  • Average illumination distance: 6 m
  • Tested area: 1 m

Mechanical/Electrical specifications:

  • Carrier vehicle: air-conditioned minivan type (with rigid suspension)
  • Measuring case: L = 0.55 m; W = 0.16 m; H = 0.28 m
  • General power supply: 12 V vehicle battery
  • Light source: Light-emitting diodes, life span: approx. 50,000 hours elements.

Download the ECODYN 3 datasheet in PDF format