The Vectra non-destructive vehicles to control and measure the skid resistance of infrastructures : roads, bridges, runways, taxiways, highways, etc.

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Measure of the longitudinal force coefficient

Griptester is a Findlay Irvine vehicle which will be used for the following application:

  • The measure of a longitudinal force coefficient (LFC) between the overlaying and a tyre based on the principle of a braked wheel with a constant slip rate of about 15%. This slip rate, which generates the skid resistance, is obtained by mechanical drive between the two carrier wheels and the measure wheel.
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ASTM E2100-04

Automatic Skid Resistance Measureing Instrument

The IMAG is the reference device for the measure of the IRFI (International Friction Index on airport runways), a device licensed by Aéroports de Paris which meets the criteria of the ASTM E2100-04 standard, and which is used for the following applications:

  • An operational evaluation of winter season skid resistance in operating conditions.
  • A functional evaluation of skid resistance outside the winter season (water film measure).

The IMAG has been approved as a continuous skid resistance measuring device by the Civil Aviation Technical Service / Directorate General of Civil Aviation, in accordance with the TAC decree of 10 July 2006.

The IMAG complies with the recommendations of ICAO Annex 14.

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NF P 98-220-3 NF P 98-220-4 ISO 13473-1


Measurement of skid resistance

The SCRIM is a device that meets the NF P 98-220-3, NF P 98-220-4 and ISO 13473-1 standards as well as the test method n° 50-2 of IFSTTAR, and is used for the following application:

  • The SCRIM® (Sideway force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine) is used to determine the skid resistance of a carriageway.
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