MTQ LC 26-410  ISO 13473-6 

DEUT 1521087N 


Rugo Box® is a simple, modular and affordable device for measuring the macrotexture of road surfaces. (MDP/ETD)

RugoBox® is a simple, modular and affordable device for measuring the macrotexture of road surfaces. Easily integrated into a vehicle fitted with a tow bar, the device can be used for single or double lane measurements.

Compliant with the latest version of ISO 13473-1, the device provides a notion of skid resistance through the MPD (Mean Profile Depth) and ETD (Equivalent Texture Depth) indicators.

RugoBox® is supplied with data acquisition and processing software for use with the associated indicators (visualization, reception report, etc.).

RugoBox® comes standard with :

  • Measuring head with connection cable,
  • A control box and its power cable (cigarette lighter type),
  • A distance measurement system (DMI) on a vehicle wheel,
  • Magnetic GPS,
  • Webcam and suction cup mount,
  • Storage case,
  • Mechanical support for vehicle hitch.

→ Easily transportable and can be installed on all vehicles fitted with a standard hitch.

Complete tool
→ Laser measuring head.
→ Odometer and GPS for positioning measurements.
→ ROW (Right Of Way) camera.
→ Ability to capture events to aid processing and complete the measurement context.

Available options
→ Can be easily expanded with a second measuring head, Wi-Fi connectivity or control computer or tablet.

Up to date
→ System components, such as processing algorithms, comply with the latest ISO 13473-1 requirements.

→ System components have been carefully selected to control product cost, while guaranteeing backup performance.

Easy to process
→ MPD/ETD indicators are calculated directly in real time.
→ The RugoSoft processing software supplied can be used to edit acceptance reports, but also for special or advanced uses.

Measurement speed

→ From 0 to 110 km/h

  • Second measuring head and connection cable
  • Wifi connection on control box
  • Wi-Fi tablet
  • Laptop computer

Download the Rugobox data sheet in PDF format